Villa Porta:
two centuries of hospitality.

Overlooking Lake Maggiore and sheltered in the intimacy of the Gulf of Colmegna, Villa Porta offers a unique setting where its souls come together in a unique setting of extraordinary charm.

A concept of hospitality that finds its ancient roots in the Italian hotellerie tradition and aspires to standards of excellence to offer Guests unforgettable experiences.

Nestled in its centuries-old Park, Villa Porta holds the milestones of a journey that began in 1820 when Leopoldo Casnedi converted his own cottage into an inn.

A 1857 publication tells us:

«[…] Colmegna, which is joined by the hamlets of Agra and Cassina Casneda (pop. 627). Very pleasant are these vicinities; there is considerable trade there of wood and coal; and here Mr. […] Casnedi has recently built, and with useful advice opened to the public a delightful little villa for the use of a hotel.».

In breve tempo l’albergatore impreziosì il parco della locanda con piante rare collezionate durante i suoi numerosi viaggi per il mondo.

Before long the innkeeper embellished the inn’s grounds with rare plants collected during his many travels around the world. Several illustrious people fell in love with the place, including Queen Victoria’s Captain of the Guards, Sir Henry Winne, and Engineer Porta, whose passion for botany and beauty gave additional space to the corner of paradise where the mosaic with the inscription VILLA PORTA still stands today.